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Animated Roger 

Every now & then I come up with files that don't get used on the site, but might be appreciated by someone else.  

Startup/Shutdown Screens

Want to see a Roger every time your computer starts up and/or shuts down?  Here's what it looks like.  It is for Windows 9x/ME only. Note: It will not work on Windows NT, 2000, or XP. If you have XP, click here for a variation of this.

Right-click this file, select "Save Target As..." and place it somewhere. Copy the file to the c:\ drive (the "root directory"). Then copy that file to c:\windows and rename it to logow.sys. (Note: first make a copy of the existing logow.sys file and save it to a floppy or somewhere on the hard drive. This way you can still undo the changes.)

You may need to turn on the ability to see all files. In Windows Explorer, that's in View/Folder Options/View tab/Show All Files. Make the change, then go back & change the "show all files" option back to what it was, if desired.

To undo the changes and go back to the original pictures:

For Windows XP

In XP you can have your own picture next to your name on the Start menu. Here's what mine looks like.

To change the image to that Roger, right-click this file and select "Save Target As...". Remember where you put it; you'll need to know that.  Then, click on the picture that is next to your name on the Start menu. Click on "Browse for more pictures" and find the one you just downloaded. That's it!  Note: if your system has multiple users, this picture will show up at the logon screen as well.

A Roger For a Mouse

Thanks to a question posed to me by Golden Roger recipient Gary Smith and Derek Sinclair, priors both, I now offer a simple Roger that is a mouse pointer.  It looks just like this, but much smaller of course.  This works on all versions of Windows as far as I know.

Right-click this file and select "Save Target As..." and download it to C:\Windows\Cursors.  (If you're running Windows NT or 2000, it might be C:\Winnt\Cursors).  Then, go to Control Panel/Mouse/Pointers tab and double-click on "Normal Select". Double-click the file named "roger.cur". That's it.  Click on OK as needed to get out.

The "hot spot" of the Roger is its head.


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