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Post Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:06 pm    Post subject: Thank you TIB 2009 Reply with quote


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I just wanted to let you all know how proud the current TIB Team made me last Sunday15 November 2009.  They were just at Andrews this past weekend, performing the current TIB show "To Dream".  We all went out to give our support and they performed to the best of their abilities.  Energy level was high and that sparkle was in their eyes.  They had faced a challenging couple of days prior to performing at Andrews because the weather was not kind to them on their arrival!  I know we have all faced similar situations but Im just letting you know they are going through the same thing we went through.  Now it was not the greatest show ever because you know us Priors think "our tour" was the greatest show ever, lol.  They had their mistakes but through it all they did their job and entertained the audience.  The people left smiling and pleased with what they had witnessed.  We priors toasted the current team, spoke to them about family and told them to keep going until the end, it will be worth it in the end.  For us old timers the program has started to say a special thank you to Unit Commanders who release their members to go on tour with TIB for a year.  They use to do it at the show but now they are coming straight to the Units and let me tell you!!   WHEW!  I was able to witness the effect that it has on a Unit first hand because one of the current members on this years tour is from my Unit.  To hear the buzz starting around the Unit as they witnessed the Current TIB cast walking in step up the side walk in those red sweaters, white pants, ladies in make up, guys all with haircuts, well you know I was like yup  those are my people!!  The comments, Its Tops In Blue and they are coming to see us! The entire unit gathered in our auditorium and I brought my commander in, her first site was the TIB team up on our small stage smiling brightly at her.  She went down front to her seat and then it began.  Lt. Wentworth, Tour Director ( Officer In Charge) spoke about how AF Entertainment appreciated the sacrifice that she and the Unit gave by allowing SRA Vicki Howard to tour.  They performed 2 songs, presented the beautiful plaque, and then sang the Irish Prayer.  The tears were flowing from Unit members and my Commander was speechless and that is a rarity in its self.  Well you can imagine how swole my chest was as I watched from the back and I realized that what we had said to the current members after last night show was definitely true!  It is so worth it  when you get to see what I witnessed.  Every member thought it was 1st Class and that it made them feel special and appreciated.  So on behalf of all the priors because I know they feel the same way, THANK YOU FOR MAKING US PROUD!!! I have never been more proud of a team as I was that day! Thank you for what you are doing because you are definitely doing something very good!!  The members of the 459th AES asked me to thank you all again!

TIB 89 & 90

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Post Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:47 am    Post subject: TIB 09 Reply with quote

Golden Roger
Golden Roger

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I just got back from seeing '09 in action in Great Falls, MT. For me to get to Great Falls it's a 100 mile drive (one-way) but that's not an issue. (Nor is it the furthest I've driven to see TIB.)

Anyhow, a few days ago I realized I should do something I've never done to a team before:  give them something.  This is the season of giving is it not? So I created a DVD of the 1988 TIB Christmas videos and gave it to them after the show.  I told them it's only 10 minutes, won't take up much of their sleep time on the bus. Smile

I hope they watch it even though the quality of the source tape isn't very good.

21 years later, I still remember making those videos. I just wish my copy of the tape was as crystal clear as I remember the indoor setting to be. Very well decorated. Since I had been working on the outdoor scene most of the day, I was really amazed when I went inside to get something & saw what they had done.  

I guess though, that my memory can fill in what shows up a little fuzzy on the screen.

Yes, I still have a VCR, kept solely for some TIB tapes and others that I can't replace. I'm in the process of copying them to digital since the tapes and/or the VCR will eventually fail. (I recently took the family's 70-year-old 16mm movie projector under my wing for the same reason. It is now running, and someday when I get a video camera I will somehow transfer those home movies to digital.)
Bob Morrow, TIB 88 ss
There is no such thing as 'too much snow'.

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